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Rent+: an innovative investment model in Guadalajara

Real estate is always a good option to invest your money, since the investment is backed by a property that, well cared and managed, increases its value over time.

The incessant evolution of the real estate industry has led to the development of innovative products that raise the quality of investment in real estate; one of them is focused on short-term rentals, a business model that allows investors to acquire housing ready to rent, live in and receive profits (also known as "Turnkey Property"), generating a quick return on investment and up to 60% higher return than long-term fixed income.

True to its essence of constant innovation, in 2020, Marhnos Habitat launched its product oriented to short-term rentals: RENT+, new turnkey apartments, fully furnished and equipped for immediate rental in LIVIX, a housing complex located in the Nueva Granada neighborhood, one of the areas with the greatest development and added value in Mexico City.

In less than two years, RENT+ consolidated 100% of its sales and expanded its housing offer in this segment. Thanks to its success, RENT+ was introduced to the real estate market in Guadalajara, the third most populous metropolitan area in Mexico, with 5.27 million inhabitants, according to data from the INEGI 2020 Population and Housing Census.

 In recent decades, Guadalajara has experienced considerable urban growth, which has led local governments and private initiative to collaborate in the rehabilitation of the Historic Center of the city, to promote strategic territorial reorganization and the economic productivity of the city.

 Due to its location, infrastructure and connectivity, Guadalajara is one of the main destinations for business tourism in Mexico. Data from the Secretary of State Tourism, indicate that during 2019 about 49 thousand business meetings were held in Guadalajara, with an economic spill close to 20 billion pesos. Now, in the New Normal, new congresses, conventions, fairs and exhibitions are already planned.

 The conditions in Guadalajara are more than ideal to promote investments in housing for short-term rentals and RENT+ is an innovative model that, in addition to offering better returns, is efficiently designed through an AirBnB-certified co-host, offering an integral service where the investor only contributes with the capital and will see the profits directly in his bank account, without having to worry about the management and attention of the users.

 In Guadalajara, RENT+ is offered through Acervo, a housing development located in the downtown area of ​​the city, in front of the Mezquitán light rail station, two blocks from the CUCSH university and 20 minutes from the Business Center, a strategic area for those who travel to Guadalajara for tourism and business.