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Highways Mexico

For marhnos®, a highway is more than just a communication route that connects two points. marhnos® understands that a highway has an environment worthy of admiration, it is part of several communities that communicate, share, travel, conduct business and live through it.

Based on the Sustainable Development Goals, highways are vital to reducing poverty, not only because of the direct and indirect jobs they generate but also contribute to ending hunger as a means that facilitates regional, national and regional trade, as well as the functioning of national supply chains.

In addition, our highways have programs for the Life of terrestrial ecosystems that seek the recovery of species in the areas where it is deployed, as well as water infrastructure that supports the recovery of aquifers with the capture of rainwater throughout its length.

Active Projects

Anzalduas International Bridge

With a large infrastructure, it is capable of providing an agile and safe service to 3,000 vehicles annually along its 2,558 km. It consists of two accesses, north, and south, of almost 10 km, as well as a border port. Its concession contemplated 2.5 years of construction and 28.5 of operation, maintenance, and conservation, which began in 2009.


Villahermosa Bypass

Banobras concession includes maintenance, installation, and management of the Intelligent Traffic System (ITS), generating a workforce of 165 workers.

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Guadalajara – Colima Highway

With 148 kilometers in length, it passes through the municipalities of Jalisco and Colima. It generates more than 500 direct and indirect jobs. This makes it a pillar in the livelihood of the inhabitants of the area it covers. We service an average of 8,900 vehicles monthly, providing 24-hour assistance.

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Our Leaders

José Manuel Fortes Méndez

Has 23 years of experience leading road infrastructure and social infrastructure projects at marhnos® Mexico. Currently, he is responsible for prospecting the highway system in Mexico to find opportunities for alliances with the public sector to Build Well-being, connecting communities.